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tigerheart hung his head low. tonight his mate, dovewing, was having her kits. she was thunderclan, and now, so was he. tigerheart rose he head as jayfeather padded from the nursery. instantly running to his side. ''is she okay!'' he mewed franticly. jayfeather sighed. ''she's fine, tigerheart.'' he meowed flatly. ''how many did she have!?'' tigerheart asked. ''starclan tigerheart!'' jayfeather hissed. ''calm down!'' tigerheart tried to do as the medicine cat said, but couldn't bring himself to calm down. jayfeather sighed. ''she had...'' jayfeather's mew faded. tigerheart was instantly worried. ''how many did she have, jayfeather?" he asked more forceful. after a moment jayfeather told him. ''she...she only had one kit, tigerheart.'' he meowed. ''well that's alright, she just had one kit, there is no controling that.'' tigerheart meowed wisely. something flashed in jayfeather's blind jay-blue eyes, but it was gone as quick as it had came. ''right, it'll need a wise father, tigerheart.'' he meowed and left without another word. tigerheart ignored him and padded into the nursery. his mate layed in one of the nursery beds, one tiny kit layed by her belly. he was gray, a bit darker that dovewing. with darker stripes. tigerheart quickly padded to lay down beside his mate. ''look at that little kitten! is it a she-kit or tom-kit?'' he asked. ''it's a male.'' she answered, eyes not leaving the adorable kit. tigerheart smiled and touched his nose to her ear. she purred. tigerheart suddenly pulled back, that cat, that tiny little kitty cat. had tigerstar's tainted blood running through its veins. it could be like bramblestar or himself and ignore all the evil in his grandfathers past. or he could be like hawkfrost or tigerstar himself and chose evil aganst good. his mind floated towards the battle with the dark forest. tigerstar had killed stormfur. but before he could claim any more life's graystripe had killed him in revenge for killing his son. many cats still died. firestar, the great thunderclan leader being one. brambleclaw took over the clan after his death, now being bramblestar. he and his deputy and mate squirrelflight, lead the clan and so far everything was peaceful. his kit being the first one born since the battle. ''so, what do we name him?" dovewing mewed, bring tigerheart out of his thoughts. ''hm...maybe graykit?" he meowed. dovewing shook her head. ''that would be a bit clear...rainkit?'' she mewed. tigerheart was about to agree when firestar's voice echoed in his head. the storm will be as strong as ever with thunder rumbling in the core. when darkness strikes rain will pour in the storms path and hail will tear everything to its roots before the tornado strikes. firestar murmured. ''tigerheart, are you okay?'' dovewing mewed. ''yeah! i'm fine! but instead of rainkit...'' his meow trailed off as he remembered the weird stuff firestar had mewed. ''what else do you have in mind?'' she asked. tigerheart remembered what firestar had said again, runing through his mind again and again. storm...stormkit... ''how about stormkit?'' he mewed. ''ah, i see. after stormfur i guess?'' she meowed. tigerheart nodded. ''yes, after stormfur.'' he mewed. liking the fact that he was naming his kit after a fallen warrior. ''then it's set,'' she mewed. ''he will be stormkit, brave warrior of thunderclan.''
i am so pissed. it won't let me upload it with formatting. if i do it will need a preview pic. witch i can not do. so your gonna have to deal with the suckyness of the fact it don't have no formatting. i tried. sorry.
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May 6, 2012
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